This feels something of a confession, a shameful act that should only be whispered… but I’ve picked up the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000 and a whole bunch of Necron minis. I’m not really sure what brought this about, as I turned my back on 40K many years ago. I suppose it’s something I’ve always had one eye on, as a casual observer over the years. The 8th edition rules gave me a glimmer of optimism that the game might be fun to play again. That remains to be seen! However I have started painting and that’s really what this blog is about.

I’ve gone for Necrons, as I still really like the look of most of the models and I like the fluff too. Necrons have always had an ancient Egyptian streak to their theme and I wanted to maximise that. I love the blue & gold colours of the Thousand Sons, so I’ve copied that colour scheme. I experimented with a few ideas before settling on a combo I think will work.

The first unit I’ve completed is a set of basic Necron Warriors. This is the first bit of batch painting I’ve done in a long time so that required some discipline. I’m happy with the results, the colours are striking and have enough that Egyptian vibe I wanted. One bit of good advice I got was to paint the gun rods (which are normally a cartoonish translucent green), it’s extra work but really completes the look.

I picked up a couple of Citadel paints to do these guys as I would need so much gold. I’m very impressed with their new gold base and layer paints (Retributor Armour & Liberator Gold) and the washes too (Reikland Fleshshade). The Thousands Sons Blue completed the look.

For the bases I experimented with creating my own basing compound/texture paint, which turned out pretty good, if a bit light in colour. The basing compound is definitely something I want to cover in another post.

Onwards, only the rest of the army to paint now!