What’s a Merriod? I haven’t a clue, some sort of water demon fish thing I think. Another airbrush experiment, I sprayed the base colour direct onto the model - no primer. To my surprise it worked and covered really well. I didn’t intend to use the airbrush for the shading, but brush blending with the grey-ish turquoise was turning out badly. I figured there’s no detail just lots of the same colour so it was time to try the airbrush out to shade them.

The results are just good enough but lacking definition in places. I think if I get better with the airbrush I could try 2 levels of shade & 2 of highlight rather than the 1 of each I used here, the challenge then will be getting the spray small enough. I reminded myself I was intending to “speed paint” these minis so stopped going to town on them.

On the base I experimented adding some pools of water using PVA glue and inks. It’s a long story but the the results weren’t what I hoped for, but I know where I went wrong for next time