Wow it’s been a while since I did any painting! And probably even longer since I blogged about it.

I picked up the Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps board game a few months back. It’s been sat on a shell next to where I’ve been working from home, and slowly the itch to paint the minis inside got the better of me. There wasn’t too many of them with some nice sculpts too, so it seemed doable.

I was very rusty having not painted for so long, so I started with the Xenomorph soldiers, which were really just a lot of drybrushing. They came out maybe a little too blue, but I wasn’t going to be too critical

The humans were next, these were rather fiddly and sticking to the look of them from the film, not terribly interesting color scheme wis, greens, blacks, and greys mostly. I need to go back and improve the eyes on a couple. I’m so out of practice :(

Lastly I did some of the bonus components, the crates, auto-guns and computer terminals - I had a lot of fun with those in particular

Well here they are…